How to Fundraise with Chipotle:
An Easy Five Step Guide

Chipotle cares about our community and we want our restaurants to be a place of gathering and fun.

how to fundraise with chipotle

Fundraising should be an easy and fun way to get your organization together and raise funds for what you care about the most. As a host, it can be challenging to determine the best fundraiser option for your organization, especially if you want an event that’s a hit with everyone! While there are endless fundraising options, Chipotle fundraisers make the process easy, tasty and fun.

To help you prepare for your event, here is a simple guide to hosting a Chipotle fundraiser.

Step 1) Applying for an Event:

Once you’ve decided that you want to host a fundraiser with Chipotle, the first step is to apply online here. Things you should know before applying:

  1. Date: Come prepared with a couple of available dates for your organization. 
  2. Restaurant location: Select the restaurant that is most accessible to all of your supporters.
  3. Organization information: Many applications require your organization’s tax ID (EIN) once the application is approved.

Step 2) Promote Your Fundraising Event:

In order to raise the most event sales for your fundraiser, you must promote it! A larger turnout results in a larger amount raised for your organization, so encourage your supporters to promote the event to their friends and family. Here are some helpful tips to promote your event:

  1. Share on social media: get the word out to all of your followers! Chipotle provides assets for you to easily share your event on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  2. Email your friends: We have an easy to share email template, so all you have to do is put the email addresses in and hit send.
  3. Pass out flyers: Flyers are a great way to provide all of the information in one easy to read graphic. Simply print and hand out or send the Chipotle-provided flyer electronically to anyone interested.

Step 3) Fundraiser Night

Your fundraiser night is finally here! Since you’ve been promoting your fundraiser leading up to the event, you can use this night to enjoy your meal and socialize with your supporters. Here are some helpful reminders for your fundraiser night:

  1. No promoting in restaurant: We value the experience for our regular guests, and don’t want them to feel solicited to in the restaurant. 
  2. Mention the fundraiser at checkout: In order for your meal to be counted towards the fundraiser, you must mention it at the register before purchasing your food. You’ll know that it was counted towards the fundraiser if your receipt says ‘Fundraiser’ on it. 
  3. Order online using your fundraiser code: Your fundraiser supporters can now order Chipotle for pick-up online or through our app and their meal will be counted towards your fundraiser. Just make sure that they order for pick-up, use the unique fundraiser code that we provide you, and that their order is placed during your fundraiser hours at your restaurant fundraiser location.  

Step 4) Receive Your Check

You did it! After applying, promoting and hosting a successful fundraiser, you will receive an email within 48 hours of the event with your fundraiser event sales results. This email will inform you of the total event sales raised during your fundraiser night, as well as the 25% that will be donated towards your organization, assuming you met the $150 sales minimum. The last step we need from you is to sign your results email and our accounting team will get your check in the mail for your organization.

Step 5) Wait Six Months to Host Another Fundraiser

Had so much fun you can’t wait for your next fundraiser night? We would love to have your organization back in our restaurant again, but in order to partner with as many organizations as possible, we require all partners to wait six months before hosting another fundraiser. To make it easier on you, we will send out an email when it’s time to apply for another fundraiser!

Hosting a fundraiser can sound overwhelming, but we can assure you that we’re here to make it as simple as possible! Chipotle cares about our community and we want our restaurants to be a place of gathering and fun.

Anything we forgot to mention? Feel free to email our team at and we will be happy to help!