Raise More Funds with a Nonprofit Newsletter

Read this post to learn more on how and why your organization should use nonprofit newsletters to raise more funds. 

reading a nonprofit newsletter on a tablet

Leaders who are just starting out or part of an established nonprofit have many ways their organizations can engage supporters to raise funds. Nonprofit email newsletters continue to be a strong fundraising resource. Keep reading to learn more on how and why your organization should use nonprofit newsletters to raise more funds. 

Benefits of a Nonprofit Newsletter

  1. Stay Top of Mind : As a nonprofit, it’s not only important to attract new donors and volunteers, but also to  communicate with your already existing supporters as well. Sending out consistent newsletters to your contact list will help keep your supporters engaged and keep your organization top of mind. Nonprofits should consider the frequency of email newsletters to make sure you’re not overwhelming supporters with communication!
  2. Promote Events: If you have upcoming fundraising opportunities , a newsletter is a great tool to help you advertise this event.  The communication can share important information and details to build excitement. Newsletters can help reach a larger audience.
  3. Share Stories: Do you want people to know the incredible work you’re doing in your community? A nonprofit newsletter can help tell your organization’s story and its impact on the community through the support of your donors and volunteers. Pictures supporting the stories can help the impact of your newsletter.
  4. Gain Volunteers and Donors: A great way to bring in more supporters is by communicating with current supporters. Donors and volunteers likely know of others who would be interested in getting involved, and an easy way of sharing your organization’s information with their network is by using your nonprofit newsletter for information and volunteer opportunities. Be sure to include links to your website and donation page.

How to Write a Nonprofit Newsletter

  1. Determine Your Strategy: Nonprofit newsletters can serve many different purposes,  from sharing information about an upcoming fundraising event to telling an inspiring story, and each needs a different strategy. Reflect on your organization’s fundraising goals and how your newsletter can help achieve them. Set clear objectives to help guide you when planning out your nonprofit newsletter.  
  2. Plan Your Content: Consider all parts of your newsletter. The subject line is just as important, if not more important, than the contents of the email. Draw your reader in and keep it interesting. To avoid losing their interest, keep your newsletter brief and consider adding pictures that truly add value. 
  3. Create a Design: Think clean and simple. You should have space for photos or other imagery while keeping headlines and important content at the focal point. Be intentional with white space and color and avoid overwhelming the reader with a busy layout.
  4. Compile Your Contact List: It’s important to keep track of your volunteers and donors through a contact list. There are many different online platforms that you can use to store contact information. Always be sure to add an unsubscribe option at the bottom of your newsletter if individuals choose to opt out of communication.
  5. Create a Call-to-Action: Your newsletter can have different objectives, but as a nonprofit, you should never stop trying to receive donations in jurisdictions in which you’re permitted to do so. This doesn’t have to be the main purpose of your email, but always provide a link for your reader to donate or sign up for recurring donations if they feel inclined.
  6. Analyze Your Results: The work doesn’t stop when you hit send! Analyzing the results of your nonprofit newsletter is so important in discovering what’s working and what’s not. Some things to track include open rates, click-through rates, and subscription information.

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