The Best Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit organization is looking for new and different ways to fundraise, browse some of our favorite fundraising ideas for nonprofits below.

5k fundraiser for nonprofit

There are Nonprofit organizations dedicated to feeding, healing, sheltering, educating, inspiring, enlightening, and nurturing people of every diverse background. For those organizations that are considered a nonprofit, they rely heavily on fundraising and donations to continue operating and making a difference. If your nonprofit organization is looking for new and different ways to fundraise, browse some of our favorite fundraising ideas for nonprofits below.

  1. Restaurant Fundraiser: Host a fundraiser at your local restaurant, where a portion of all sales are donated to your cause. Chipotle’s fundraiser program gives back 25% of event sales (subject to achievement of a minimum level of total event sales), and the fundraisers are easy to set up online. With a digital fundraiser feature, supporters have the option to either order in store or can order online by using the Chipotle app or through Just make sure they order online for pickup at the participating restaurant during the time frame of your fundraiser. To apply for a fundraiser with Chipotle, click here.
  2. Fundraising Gala: If you’re looking to host a large and perhaps extravagant event, a fundraising gala is a great idea for nonprofits. For tips on putting on a fundraising gala, click here.
  3. Silent Auction: Work with local businesses to collect donations to auction or raffle off at your event. Sell tickets ahead of time to members of your community and make it a fun event for all. For raffles, be sure to follow state laws to ensure you’re not conducting an illegal lottery.  If you’re interested in hosting an online silent auction fundraiser, learn how here.
  4. Speaker Event: Ask members of your organization and community to speak at a special event for your nonprofit. Use this as an opportunity to tell stories and inform your supporters what their donation will be going towards for your cause. This should be an equal parts motivational and informational event.
  5. 5K: During warmer months, plan either an in-person or virtual 5K run/walk with an entry fee. Make it even more fun by setting up music along the path for people to enjoy while participating in the race. If you’re interested in hosting a virtual 5K for people to participate in no matter where they are, take a look at this article.
  6. Sports Camp: Partner with local teams or athletes and host a sports camp for young athletes in your community. Plan different lessons and activities during the day and ask coaches to volunteer their time and knowledge towards your fundraiser.
  7. Fashion Show: Involve the community by hosting a fashion show for your nonprofit fundraiser. Ask local clothing stores to sponsor your event by providing all outfits to your models.
  8. Raffle: Collect items from local businesses to raffle off to nonprofit supporters and the community. Don’t forget to comply with any laws in your state regarding conduct of a sweepstakes promotion.
  9. Local Concert: Partner with a local band or artist and host at a nearby park or amphitheater. Advertise and start selling tickets well in advance to bring in early support. Selling concessions the night of the event will also bring in extra money towards your fundraiser, but will require you to comply with licensing and sales tax collection requirements in most states and locations.
  10. Crowdfunding: An easy way to gain online donations to your nonprofit is by using a crowdfunding platform and sharing it through social media. This works best when you can communicate a specific fundraising goal or need, so people can invest in it. Promotion is key and the more sharing, the better results you will have! Here are some crowdfunding platforms that you can use for your next nonprofit fundraiser.
  11. Golf Tournament: Golf tournaments are great ways to raise money for your next nonprofit fundraiser. Connect with a local golf course and rent the facility for the day. Many courses will offer a discounted price to tournaments benefiting a nonprofit organization. To make your golf tournament even more fun, consider encouraging team signups and having different challenges/games at each hole. For more fun golf tournament ideas, take a look at this article.
  12. Trivia Night: Pick a night to host a trivia fundraiser, where teams can compete after paying a participation fee. Partner with a local business or restaurant to host for the night, then put together topics and questions for the game. Offer rewards to the winning team. Participants will love getting together to challenge their knowledge of fun facts while raising money for your nonprofit.
  13. Haunted House: For a fall nonprofit fundraising idea, host a haunted house fundraiser. Decorate areas of a school or local business with spooky decorations and ask volunteers to dress up in scary costumes. Charge a small admission fee as your fundraiser. Ask local party stores and other members of your community to donate decorations and help setting up your event.
  14. Gift Wrapping: Another seasonal fundraising idea for nonprofits is gift wrapping during the holidays. Charge a small fee per gift that needs to be wrapped and ask talented gift wrappers to volunteer their services for the day. All you need is wrapping paper, supplies, and a space to wrap presents.
  15. Exercise Class: Partner with a local fitness studio to host a class and receive a percentage of the proceeds. If interested in hosting an outdoor exercise class during the warmer months, reserve a large open space for people to set up a mat for an instructor-led bodyweight workout.
  16. Flag Football Tournament: Have teams register, fundraise, and compete in a co-ed flag football tournament. Asking teams to fundraise ahead of time will benefit your organization even more, then award prizes to tournament winners as well as fundraising winners.
  17. Cook Off: Challenge the home chefs in your community to compete against each other in a cook off. Choose different dishes, such as chili, barbecue, or baked goods, and select a panel of judges (ask chefs at local restaurants) to rate each dish and select their winner. Winning chefs will earn bragging rights for the year.
  18. Dodgeball Tournament: Rent a local gymnasium or outdoor fields and host your own tournament. This can be family friendly by having age brackets. Participants can create a team in advance or teams can be assigned that day. Make sure you have a prize for the winning team!

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