What Percent of Qualifying Purchases
Does Chipotle Give Back
Through Our Fundraising Program?

When hosting a fundraiser with Chipotle, your organization will receive 25% of event sales from that night.

When hosting a restaurant fundraiser, it’s important to weigh out all your options and determine which restaurant to host your event. Things to consider for this include location of the restaurant, your organization members’ favorite food, and the percentage give back that is offered through their fundraiser program.

When comparing restaurants and their fundraiser programs, take a look at this article which highlights some of the best restaurant fundraisers. When hosting a fundraiser with Chipotle, your organization will receive 25% of event sales from that night. This means that if your organization brings in $300 during the hours of your fundraiser, you will receive a check for $75 following your event. Just be sure to promote your event and bring in supporters to reach the $150 minimum sales requirement.

Promotion is key when hosting fundraising events because as important as the percentage give back is, the total check amount is dependent on how many supporters you bring in and the total event sales. Use this article to help set a goal and determine how many supporters your event will need to reach your fundraising target. Promoting can include handing out flyers, sharing event information on social media, and encouraging people to attend your event with a raffle prize or other incentive. Just remember that in order for purchases to count towards your fundraiser, your supporters must either a) use your fundraiser’s online ordering code to place an order for pickup through the Chipotle app or website, b) show a physical fundraiser flyer, c) show a digital flyer on a smartphone or other mobile device, or d) verbally tell our cashier of their participation before they pay.  We also ask that you follow our guidelines to avoid misrepresenting your fundraiser or negatively impacting the experience of other guests.

 If you’re ready to host your next fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here now. For more information on Chipotle fundraisers, take a look at our FAQ.