Dewing Park Swim Club Fundraiser

This blog explores one California woman’s mission to spread kindness in her local community, and how it became part of a local swim club fundraiser.

Dewing Park swim club fundraiser

As she was planning her fundraiser for Dewing Park Swim Club, Chipotle fundraiser host Jenna Yott came across a Facebook group whose sole purpose was to do good in their local community. After learning about 3 Acts of Kindness and the story behind it, Jenna knew that she wanted to incorporate their giving efforts into her upcoming fundraiser.

3 Acts of Kindness

3 Acts of Kindness was started by a mother of two in Northern California, Mimi. After being diagnosed with a rare disease in 2019 and undergoing cancer treatment, Mimi was immunocompromised and relied on help from anyone who was willing when COVID-19 hit the country. After turning to community groups on Facebook, she received help from strangers in her community by running errands that she was no longer able to do.  

Feeling humbled by these acts of kindness, she found that the best way to pay them back was by paying it forward. 3 Acts of Kindness was an idea she came up with, initially with the intention of her donating her own time and money, and it grew from there.

Each Act of Kindness

#1: Donate to spread kindness, or in honor of someone who has helped you during the pandemic. 

#2: 100% of the money you donate will go to provide meals to frontline essential workers who could use our support, acknowledgement and appreciation.

#3: Meals will be purchased from local community restaurants who are in dire need of business and support, and meals purchased will be in larger quantities to make a more meaningful impact on the business.

#4 Bonus act of kindness: Some participating restaurants are willing to match or donate more meals to show even more love and appreciation for frontline workers.

Dewing Park Swim Club + 3 Acts of Kindness

When Jenna from Dewing Park Swim Club reached out to Mimi, she wanted to incorporate 3 Acts of Kindness into her upcoming Chipotle fundraiser.

“A lot of people want to give, but don’t know how to organize it. Jenna had reached out to me and I worked with her as the organizer. I do all of the coordinating and make sure the food is individually packaged and labeled to make sure the hospital staff knows where the food is coming from,” says Mimi.

By working together ahead of the fundraiser, Jenna raised money from her organization’s supporters to place a Chipotle catering order the night of her fundraiser, with 25% of the proceeds going back to Dewing Park Swim Club. The burritos from the catering order were then personally delivered to the ICU department at their nearest hospital, feeding twenty healthcare workers. All the while, their Chipotle fundraiser was still a hit in-restaurant and online.

Mimi started 3 Acts of Kindness as a way of giving back in honor of those who have helped her, but it has become much more than that. “Many people are hearing about it and wanting to join in,” Mimi says. With people sending hospital and restaurant requests, it has continued to support local healthcare workers as well as restaurants in their community.

 The kindness that Mimi and Jenna have shown others is inspiring and is creating a ripple effect in their community. Chipotle is proud to partner with organizations who are raising money not only for their organization but to provide meals for healthcare workers who are working tirelessly during these unprecedented times. 

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