Northview High School Theatre Fundraiser

Find out how Chipotle helped Northview High School theatre raise enough money to host their first production since COVID.

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The 2021-2022 school year is back in full swing, but due to the previous year of remote learning and COVID, many schools are still recovering from the impact. For the Northview High School’s theatre program, it meant canceling an upcoming production only a week out from opening night, losing the ability to earn back the money spent preparing for the show.

When putting on a production, there are many expenses that must be accounted for. Each play requires royalties, set, costumes, and other performance expenses. All of which are paid through fundraising.   

“As we entered the 2021-2022 school year, we were seriously in need of funds in order to be able to put on our first production in over a year and a half,” Elizabeth Lake, English teacher and longtime theatre teacher, tells us.

For the majority of the 17 years that Lake has taught theatre at Northview High School, they have been able to finance their shows from ticket sales of previous shows. A year of remote learning and no theatre production required them to look for other fundraising options in order to bring the department back to life.  

“We came back in the Fall and were ready to do shows again. We had kids but didn’t have money. It was through our fundraiser with Chipotle that we were finally able to return,” Lake says.

After scheduling their high school theatre fundraiser online with Chipotle, the students took the responsibility and promoted their Chipotle fundraiser in a way they haven’t in the past. By being engaged and creating a friendly competition on who could get the most friends and family to come out to the restaurant, the students worked together to raise the money they needed to move forward.

Their commitment to promoting their Chipotle fundraiser helped them raise enough money for costumes and props for their show Hammered: A Thor and Loki Play, which came in 3rd place at a regional competition with four individual acting awards won by Northview High School students.

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“Thanks to the magic of Chipotle, we were able to earn the money we needed to be able to put on our first play of the school year! We now have the budget for props and costumes we needed to put on a great show, and we had a great time having dinner with our friends, too!”

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