TEAM 360 Fundraiser

This blog explores a nonprofit’s mission to provide motivation and support to people of different abilities and how their fundraiser with Chipotle helped them reach their goals.

team 360 at the finish line

TEAM 360 has been making a difference in the lives of those on the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 2018. As a nonprofit organization, their mission is to provide motivation and support to people of different abilities, empowering and enabling them to train and participate in mainstream athletic events including running and multisport events.

What makes TEAM 360 so special is they meet the athletes where they are physically and cover the entire cost of both race fee and equipment. 

“It’s about making this experience whatever is the best for them. They already have so many expenses in their lives, we want there to be the opportunity for anyone and everyone to take part” Jill Fears, president of TEAM 360, tells us.

TEAM 360 has dedicated volunteers, called wingmen, who race alongside the athlete in mainstream events such as 5K’s, 10K’s, half & full marathons and even triathlon events. These wingmen form a team with the athletes and build unbreakable friendships to work together and help the athlete accomplish a goal that many have been told they couldn’t or never would be able to achieve.

two Team 360 runners finishing a race

As a nonprofit committed to motivating and supporting individuals in their community, TEAM 360 relies heavily on donations and fundraising events in order to cover race entry fees and racing equipment, such as specialized chairs, for the athletes. Hosting fundraisers at Chipotle has become a consistent and easy way for them to raise money while building community and friendships.

“Chipotle is one of my favorite fundraisers to do because it’s easy to host and allows me to have very little legwork. It becomes a social event for our organization,” Fears says.

By bringing in volunteers, athletes, and other community members into the restaurant throughout their fundraising hours, TEAM 360 was able to cover the cost of racing equipment and entry fees for upcoming events during their most recent Chipotle fundraiser.

To get ready for events, athletes and wingmen train together every other week. At their most recent race, a team of 31 individuals raced and crossed the finish line together. The teamwork they have built doesn’t go unnoticed by the other athletes and audience at each event they compete in.

“Thank you Chipotle for helping keep our wheels moving!”

For more information about TEAM 360 and how to get involved if you’re located in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, check out their website here.

To host your organization’s next fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.