Why It’s Important for Companies to
Give Back to the Community

Beyond our commitment to serving real food, we also believe that it’s important to give back to the communities that our 2,600+ restaurants call home.

companies that give back to the community

Why do companies give back to the community?

In 2020, brands have jumped at the opportunity to give back to the community to support COVID-19 relief efforts, social injustice movements, and Pride Month. Companies and consumers are coming together to make the world a better place – from fundraisers to donations to volunteering, companies have found many ways to give back to their communities.

Cultivating a Better World

Whether you’ve hosted numerous fundraisers with Chipotle in the past or you’re interested in signing up for your first fundraiser at Chipotle, we believe it’s important that you know our purpose and why we are dedicated and committed to giving back to the community. From the day one of our restaurants started, we have always been on a mission to Cultivate a Better World. What this means is that we understand the connection between how food is raised and prepared, and how it tastes. We take pride in the freshness of the food that we serve and care deeply about where our ingredients come from. For us, giving back to the community starts with the farmers that we work with. Partnering with farmers, ranchers, and other suppliers whose practices emphasize quality and responsibility allows us to make choices with the environment in mind. It also helps our suppliers continue producing their products and even expand their business to the greater market.

Give Back to Your Own Community with a Chipotle Fundraiser

Beyond our commitment to serving real food, we also believe that it’s important to give back to the communities that our 2,600+ restaurants call home. We want to do our part in supporting the public libraries, soccer teams, science clubs and PTOs that need an extra financial boost to achieve their goals. As our way of supporting those organizations that support us by being loyal guests, we host fundraisers. Every Chipotle fundraiser event is a fun way to give back to the community while doing what we do best – serving delicious, real food. Chipotle fundraisers provide our restaurant teams the opportunity to connect with the organizations in their area and give back to their communities. We believe in fundraisers and giving back to the community so much that we held over 52,000 fundraisers and donated over 9 million dollars in 2019 alone. We also have an entire team dedicated to assisting and advancing our fundraiser program and philanthropy efforts.

The Chipotle Community Roots team does everything from reviewing your fundraiser request to answering your emails on any fundraiser or donation related question you may have. Their mission is to assist you in any way you need while making the process of hosting fundraisers easy and fun. There’s also a great FAQ to use as a reference that is categorized by topics for all existing and future fundraiser partners for quick and easy fundraiser related information.

If you’ve ever had the desire to give back to your community, we would love to help you with your efforts and partner together to host a fundraiser at your local Chipotle restaurant. Fundraisers are our way of gathering the community in our restaurants to collectively work together to reach a goal, no matter how big or small.

Ready to sign up for a Chipotle fundraiser?

Apply here to host a fundraiser and the Community Roots team will review your application and get back to you quickly. Every fundraiser hosted will receive 25% of event sales from supporters that mention the fundraiser at the register or use the unique fundraiser code when ordering online or through our app for pickup. As our way of helping you recruit as many supporters as possible, when your fundraiser application is approved and you’ve selected a date, you will be provided many different resources to help advertise your event. From social media assets to e-blast copy, we’ve got you covered to be well on your way to hosting a successful fundraiser.

Interested in more ways Chipotle gives back to the community?

The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation has a mission to make real food accessible for all. Since being established in 2011, the foundation has contributed more than $5 million to like-minded organizations committed to cultivating a better world through food. Earlier this year, the Cultivate Foundation opened applications for Aluminaries 2.0, an accelerator program focused on supporting the next generation of farmers by helping solve for key issues facing young farmers today. This is just one of many company give back programs that Chipotle focuses on to cultivate a better world. If interested in learning more about the impact the Cultivate Foundation has, take a look at our Impact Stories here.