Benefits of Restaurant Fundraisers

When hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle, organizations receive 25% of all event sales from your supporters.

restaurant fundraisers

Restaurant fundraiser nights are a great way for groups to come together and enjoy a meal while raising money for their organization’s needs. Fundraiser nights have many benefits and are generally very simple to set up for the host.

How They Work

Restaurant fundraisers are typically hosted on one night where a designated percentage of event sales go back to your organization. Each restaurant has a different percentage give back and application process, but it should be easy to set up and execute for schools, teams, or other non-profits.

What to Consider When Hosting a Restaurant Fundraiser

Some of the most important things to consider when hosting the best restaurant fundraiser for your organization are percentage give back, selecting a restaurant that everyone will enjoy, and finding a restaurant that is conveniently located for your supporters. Restaurants vary in terms of the percentage of event sales that are donated from the event, so be sure to do some research to make sure your organization will receive a large percentage at the end of the night. When hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle, organizations receive 25% of all event sales from your supporters.

When selecting a restaurant that works for everyone, ask around within your organization to get an idea of their favorite restaurants. If you’re hosting a restaurant fundraiser for a school or youth sports team, make sure you select a family friendly restaurant that will be liked by your kid.

Another important thing to consider is location. Finding the most central location for your organization will encourage participation and make it easier for your supporters. Make it as convenient as possible! Click here to find the Chipotle closest to you.

Here are some other helpful tips to consider when planning your next restaurant fundraiser.

Digital Fundraising Options

Due to busy family schedules and an increasing demand for dinner to-go, another important thing to consider when selecting your restaurant fundraiser is whether or not there is a digital option. Some restaurants, like Chipotle, have expanded their fundraiser program to include digital orders, allowing guests to order online and pick up in store. By having an order ahead option, your supporters are able to participate online or through the app while still giving back to causes that matter to them. For more information on Chipotle’s digital fundraiser feature, click here.

Promoting Your Event

Promoting your fundraiser is arguably the most important part in creating a successful event, so consider a restaurant that provides you different tools to do so. At Chipotle, any approved fundraiser is provided a wide range of promotion tools – from flyer to email template to easy social media sharing buttons. Take advantage of all of the tools provided and share your event to anyone and everyone. Don’t be afraid of over-promoting your event! The more supporters your fundraiser has, the more money your organization will raise at the end of the night.

While there are countless fundraising options for organizations, restaurant fundraisers have many benefits and are the perfect choice for your next fundraiser. From the ease of setting up to the sense of community that they garner, restaurant fundraisers are a great option year-round. To host your next fundraiser with Chipotle, click here to apply today.