How to Create a Fundraising Plan

Chipotle has been hosting fundraisers for many years and we have insight about planning a fundraiser that everyone can enjoy. 

fundraising plan

Great fundraising planning begins with two things: reflection and preparation. By reflecting on previous fundraising efforts, you can celebrate past accomplishments, consider what you’ve learned and apply it moving forward. Taking time to reflect as an organization better allows you to prepare for the year or season ahead. By preparing for any and all funding needs your organization will have, it will be much easier to develop a fundraising plan to reach the goals that you’ve established.

If you’re just starting out with your organization’s fundraising efforts, you’ve come to the right spot! Chipotle has been hosting fundraisers for many years and we have insight about planning a fundraiser that everyone can enjoy. 

Things to keep in mind when developing a fundraising plan:

  1. Fundraising goal: It’s important to set a goal before planning your fundraiser. By making a goal for how much your organization is aiming to raise, you can determine how many supporters you need to bring in and the advertising efforts ahead of the event. 
  2. Audience: Is your organization primarily adults or kids? By knowing these details ahead of time, you can host a fundraiser that is suited for your audience and that age range. 
  3. Resources: Depending on the type of fundraiser your organization decides to host, you may need additional resources to help execute the event . Some fundraisers require extra planning and preparation, while others, like at Chipotle, are easy to apply for and host.
  4. Time of year: Are your organization and fundraising needs seasonal (i.e., fall sport), or can it be hosted at any time throughout the year? For many organizations, money must be raised by a certain time to help with any financial needs. Keep this in mind when selecting a date and be sure to plan ahead to avoid waiting until the last minute.
  5. Communication: You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but communication is key. Work with the other members of your organization to plan an event that everyone will enjoy. By planning a fundraiser with others, you can collaborate and work together to get things done. Communicating early on your fundraising date and plan will help with promotion and overall fundraiser success. 

How to Plan a Fundraiser:

Once you’ve considered all of the above items, you’re ready to get started on your fundraising plan! Make sure that you are being strategic in this process to best utilize your time and resources.

Step 1: Select a date. Consult with your organization and choose a date well enough in advance that people can plan for the event. Putting it on the calendar early will prevent any later scheduling conflicts.

Step 2: Develop a strategy. Depending on the type of event your organization decides on, this may take the most amount of time. A good strategy is detailed and covers everything from volunteers, a priority list, and the overall agenda.

Step 3: Advertise. The most important part! A well-advertised event can make the difference between achieving your fundraising goals and exceeding them.

Step 4: Execute. The hard part is over, now it’s time to have fun and raise money for a good cause!

For more helpful tips on writing a successful fundraising plan, check out this article.

Chipotle fundraisers are easy to host and 25% of event sales go back to your cause, subject to a minimum of $150 in fundraiser sales. If you’re ready to apply today for your next Chipotle fundraiser, click here.