College Fundraising Ideas for This Fall

The following list has fun college fundraising ideas to support college organizations.

college students fall fundraising

College is a time when students start and join organizations which support their passion such as being part of  a sorority or joining a college club. These organizations often need financial support and fundraising is a great way to raise money for causes. The following list has fun college fundraising ideas to support college organizations.

  1. Restaurant Fundraiser: Restaurant fundraisers at Chipotle are one of the best college fundraising ideas as they provide real food and a great way to raise funds. Chipotle hosts thousands of fundraisers every year for college organizations.
  2. Raffle/Auction: Local businesses are a great resource for items to raffle or auction off to fellow students, teachers, and the community. For all raffles and auctions, don’t forget to comply with any laws in your state regarding conduct of a sweepstakes promotion.
  3. Social Media Challenge: You can create a challenge and share it around campus via TikTok or Instagram. Your whole college can get involved to raise money for a great cause.  Be sure to check the Terms of Use on any platforms you’d like to use for your challenge.
  4. 5K:  A 5k fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization. Participants pay an entry fee for the 5K after any street closures or permits have been arranged, and have the choice to either walk or run the designated path. 
  5. Karaoke Night: Who doesn’t love karaoke?  A local restaurant or bar on campus can be rented to set up a karaoke stage for the night. You can charge a small entry fee and allow the audience to vote for their favorite performers.
  6. Powder Puff Tournament: Your organization can host a girl’s flag football tournament, with guys as coaches/referees/cheerleaders. You can incentivize participation by offering a prize for the winning team and raise funds by selling tickets to the games.
  7. Golf Tournament:  A local golf course can be a great partner to host a golf tournament and students, parents, and alumni can all be participants. Funds can be raised by asking local businesses to sponsor the event and through charging an entry fee for teams.
  8. Speaker Series: A speaker series for students to attend and learn from interesting speakers can be a great way to raise funds. Your organization can ask alumni, professors, or community members to donate their time to speak at your event and charge an entry fee to attendees.
  9. Battle of the Bands: A student band competition can be a helpful fundraiser.  Student bands around campus can participate to win the title of being the audience’s favorite. You can advertise your event with posters, flyers, and social media shares, with proceeds going to your college group.  Copyright issues can be a concern here, so make sure bands are performing original material and have granted any rights needed for you to advertise their participation.
  10. Thanksgiving Dinner: College students will love the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. Your organization can work with a local restaurant or business to borrow their kitchen for the day, and have volunteers help cook different dishes. Students would buy the meals with all money raised going to your cause.  As with any event where food is served, be sure to follow best practices for food safety as well as any local laws or licensing requirements.
  11. Therapy Dog Day: Dogs can be a great help to students studying for finals week. Your organization could partner with a local animal shelter during finals week and encourage students to take a quick break from studying to play with the puppies. Students would be asked to donate to your organization in exchange for being able to spend time with a friendly canine.
  12. Trivia Night: A trivia night can be a nice break from studying for students.  Your organization can choose a fun theme from sports to pop culture, and charge an entry fee to participants.
  13. Used Book Sale: You can ask friends, teachers, and community members to donate used books which will be sold to support your organization. Tables can be set up across campus to sell books, and books that aren’t purchased in the sale can be donated to local libraries, shelters, or schools.

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