Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Teams

With the right cheerleading fundraising ideas, your team will be able to reach your goals for the upcoming season.

cheerleader fundraising

The cost of uniforms, competitions, and travel can add up quickly for cheerleading teams. Fundraising is a great opportunity to help cut those costs while encouraging team bonding. With the right cheerleading fundraising ideas, your team will be able to reach your goals for the upcoming season.

Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleading Teams

  1. Restaurant Fundraiser: A restaurant fundraising night will bring people together and allows the community to participate in a fundraiser for your cheerleading team. If you host a fundraiser with Chipotle, your team will receive 25% of the event sales during the time/location of your fundraiser, subject to achieving a minimum level of total event sales. Supporters have the option to either order and eat in the restaurant or, with an added digital feature, order online for pickup by using the provided unique fundraiser code. To host a fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.
  2. Car Wash: This is a great summer fundraising idea for your cheerleading team. You could either set up a car wash on your own or partner with a local car wash business to receive a certain percentage of proceeds on that day. Advertise to friends, family, and the local community ahead of time and set up signs outside on the day of your event. Pro-tip: if you have a Chipotlane location near you, it’s a great way to host both fundraisers in one day.
  3. Spirit Day: If you’re raising money for a high school cheerleading team, host a spirit day during football or basketball season. You can design t-shirts to sell ahead of time, and encourage the student body and community to wear their shirts to a big game to build school spirit. 
  4. Raffle: Local businesses can be a great resource to collect donations to have an auction or raffle. Once you have the donations, sell tickets to members of your community and make it a fun event.  Just be sure to comply with any applicable rules in your state regarding sweepstakes promotions.
  5. Competition Send Off: If your team is looking to raise money to help fund upcoming competitions, you can host a showcase performance. Family and friends will love to see your cheerleading team’s hard work, and it can be a great fundraising opportunity.
  6. Calendar: Ahead of a new year, put together a calendar with pictures of fun memories and team pictures which can be purchased by parents, team members, and coaches. Each month can have a different theme or highlight different members of the team.
  7. Holiday Candygrams: This holiday season, allow students to send candy and personalized messages to friends, with the cheerleading team delivering the holiday candygrams during the school day. All you need to do is purchase candy and holiday-themed message cards where the sender can write their message.
  8. Team Donation Page: This is a great cheerleading fundraising idea for those who want to support the team but may be too far away to participate through in-person fundraisers. You can set up an online team donation page and share it via social media and email to near and far friends and family. It is important to communicate your team’s fundraiser goals for the season.
  9. Cheer Camp: This is a great event for young cheerleaders in your community. Each participant will pay a sign-up fee and spend the day or week learning skills and playing games. Participants can learn a short cheerleading routine and perform the new cheer to their parents at the end of the camp. Kids will love learning from older cheerleaders and it’s a great way to get them out of the house for a day or weekend!  Don’t forget to check local law for any licensing, background check, insurance or other requirements for working with kids and conducting physical activities.
  10. Gift Wrapping: Another cheerleading fundraiser option during the holidays. Hosting a gift wrapping station near a local mall or school where people can drop off presents to be wrapped by you and your team. This can be a great team bonding event and is a fun way to raise money.
  11. Yard Sale: You can ask team members, families, and the local community to donate unused items from their wardrobe for a good cause. The fundraiser event can be at a community indoor or outdoor venue, and promotion can be done by your team ahead of time through flyers and social media. 

For more creative ways for your cheerleading team to fundraise, check out additional fundraising ideas here.