How to Host a Virtual 5K Fundraiser

Learn how to host a virtual 5K fundraiser in this blog post.

virtual 5k fundraiser

5Ks are a popular option when hosting a fundraiser because they bring a lot of participation and help people stay active, but people have had to get creative due to COVID-19. Virtual fundraisers are quickly becoming more common, allowing 5Ks to happen, but in a different way.

Virtual 5K fundraisers are a great option when hosting your next event. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Tips for hosting a virtual 5K fundraiser:

  1. Plan your date. To get started, first select a day that you want your event to take place. Make sure it’s on a weekend and a date far enough out to give you time to promote the event. 
  2. Find an online platform to help you plan your virtual 5K fundraiser. There are many online websites that can help you set up and organize your virtual 5K, like Eventbrite. If you want to track everyone’s progress and create a friendly competition between participants, you can use a site that allows people to track and compete in their activities. Using a site to register people is also a great way to collect donations with their registration.
  3. Set up a Facebook event. Setting up an event on Facebook for your fundraiser allows you to invite friends and peers to participate while providing a platform for everyone to communicate. Anyone who joins your event will receive up to date information on your virtual fundraiser and can interact with each other and ask questions. Encourage everyone to share pictures during their run and after they complete the 5K and share their pictures on social media with their permission.
  4. Follow up after your event! Since your 5K is virtual, everyone completes the race at their own time and pace. Once race day is over, follow up with everyone with an email or notification congratulating them on completing and thanking them for their support. Share your fundraiser success with supporters to let them know how their donation made a difference.

If you’re still deciding between hosting a virtual or in-person 5K, here are some benefits of doing your event online.

Benefits of hosting a virtual 5K fundraiser:

  1. Execution. Since your event is virtual, less hands-on execution is required on the day of the fundraiser. This takes away the need for volunteers and other work that would normally be needed for an in-person race.
  2. Cost saving. By taking many of the typical 5k race planning details away, a virtual 5K fundraiser is much more cost effective. There isn’t a need to find a course location for your event or provide bibs, food and drinks to participants, so your organization will save money in the end.
  3. More participation. This is one of the greatest benefits of hosting a virtual 5K fundraiser! With your race not being local and in-person, anyone can join in on the fun. As long as they have a sidewalk, trail, or treadmill, they can participate!
  4. Keeps people active, from anywhere. Similar to the benefit listed above, a virtual 5K fundraiser is easy to participate in, no matter where they are. Hosting an event that gets people moving is also a great benefit for your supporters and helps them get their daily steps in!
  5. Builds community. By using a platform such as a Facebook event to connect people, this can help build the community that supports your organization. Participating in an event together is good bonding and encourages community building.

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