How to Raise Money For Your Fraternity or Sorority

Chipotle fundraisers are one of the best fraternity and sorority fundraising ideas as they provide a healthy and delicious way to raise philanthropic funds.

best fraternity fundraisers

Whether you’ve ever been a member of Greek life or not, you likely know someone that is or was a member of a sorority or fraternity as there are active organizations around the country with over 9 million Greek members nationally. While there are countless known benefits to being a member of Greek life, from making connections to learning new skills and building your resume, one large part of sororities and fraternities that people may not always think of is philanthropy.

Greek Life Philanthropy

A significant part of Greek life is volunteering and raising money for a chosen non-profit or cause. Certain fraternities and sororities have local non-profits that their chapter raises money for, while others have partnered with a national non-profit that every chapter focuses their efforts on. Whatever the cause may be, fraternities and sororities have done some amazing things and raised serious money to give back and make an impact on their philanthropy of choice.

Fraternity or Sorority Fundraising Ideas

Every college and university is different in the way that their Greek life is managed, but for many, fundraising is considered an important part of member participation. For some, they may have annual fundraising events that draw in big crowds, but for others, it may be challenging coming up with a sorority or fraternity fundraising idea that engages people and brings in money. Bonfire wrote a blog on “14 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your Fraternity or Sorority,” which has great ideas that your organization may want to build on and create in their local chapter. While there are some great ideas in that post, at Chipotle, we believe that food is one of the best ways to bring people together while doing good.

Chipotle Fundraisers for Fraternities and Sororities 

Chipotle fundraisers are one of the best fraternity and sorority fundraising ideas as they provide a healthy and delicious way to raise philanthropic funds. Chipotle has hosted thousands of successful fundraisers every year for college organizations alone – many of which were for fraternities and sororities. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that college students love giving back to causes and they love Chipotle’s real food!

Benefits of Hosting a Chipotle Fundraiser

  1. Easy to Set Up

We get it, college students are busy! With this in mind, hosting a Chipotle fundraiser has never been easier. From application to receiving your check, our automated system was made to be as easy as possible for our customers and fundraiser hosts. Simply apply here by selecting your date and providing your organization information.

  1. Percentage Give Back

When you host a fundraiser for your fraternity or sorority with Chipotle, you will receive 25% of all fundraiser proceeds as long as your fundraiser achieves at least $150 in sales. If you actively promote your event and bring in high participation within Greek life and beyond, you can raise some serious money! The average fundraiser generates a total of $600-$1,300, resulting in a fundraiser check of $150-$325 for your philanthropy of choice. 

  1. Restaurant Locations

With over 2,600 locations and counting, Chipotle likely has a restaurant near your college campus. Hosting a fundraiser at a restaurant close to campus will make it easy for students to participate and support your cause. To find the closest Chipotle to you, take a look at all of our restaurant locations here.

  1. Easy to Participate

We’ve heard from our guests that Chipotle is one of the best restaurant options for healthy, real  food that everyone can enjoy. Encourage your peers to take a break from dorm food or instant noodles for a night while supporting a great cause. Because each fundraiser is hosted in a four-hour time frame, it works great for those students with a busy schedule. An even faster way of supporting your fundraiser is by placing an order online or through our app and using your unique fundraiser code. With the option to order online and pick the food up in-store, this enables people to support your fundraiser no matter how busy their schedule may be.

Greek life is a really great way for college students to get involved in philanthropy and raise money for some amazing causes. When it comes time to host your next sorority or fraternity fundraiser, we welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization. If you’re ready to schedule a fundraiser now, apply on our website here!