Fundraising Ideas for Environmental Groups

Use this article to help you plan your next environmental group fundraiser.

fundraising ideas for environmental groups

If you’re looking for fundraising ideas for your environmental group, consider hosting an environmentally friendly fundraiser! There are many great ideas that can be successful while limiting waste and having a positive impact on the planet.

7 Environmentally Friendly Fundraisers

  1. Chipotle Restaurant Fundraiser: Chipotle’s fundraiser program gives back 25% of event sales (subject to achievement of a minimum of $150 total event sales), and the fundraisers are easy to set up online. With a digital fundraiser feature, supporters have the option to either order in store or can order online by using the Chipotle app or through Just make sure they order online for pickup at the participating restaurant during the timeframe of your fundraiser. To apply for a fundraiser with Chipotle, click here. As an added bonus, a feature in our app allows users to view data about the sustainability of their order.  When hosting your environmentally friendly fundraiser with Chipotle, your supporters can learn the impact that the ingredients in their order can help to have on the planet. Chipotle has been dedicated to responsibly sourcing every single one of our ingredients and creating industry leading practices around animal welfare and sustainability. Now, with Real Foodprint, our guests can see how this commitment can help the planet, one order at a time.
  2. Used Book Fundraiser: Chances are, many of your supporters have used books laying around their house that aren’t being put to good use. To raise money for your environmental cause and give those books a second home, host a used book fundraiser. Ask everyone to bring in any book that they no longer need and allow people to purchase them for a discounted price, with proceeds going to your group. This is a great way to clear out shelf space while finding new books to enjoy.
  3. Clothing Drive: Similar to the used book fundraiser, this is a great opportunity to find a new home for unused clothing. Discarded clothing and textiles can end up in landfills and release landfill gas as they decompose. Additionally, Forbes found that the apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and remains the second largest industrial polluter. A clothing drive can limit waste and gives clothing a second life. By asking your supporters to donate unused clothing and selling them, proceeds can go towards your environmental group.
  4. Crowdfunding: A way to avoid event planning and cost is to use crowdfunding for your fundraiser. Use an online crowdfunding platform to set your fundraising goals and share with friends and family to support your cause. Social media sharing can bring in donations from everywhere.
  5. Recycle Electronics: Once electronics are upgraded and replaced, they are oftentimes put in a junk drawer never to be used again. What people may not realize is that there are companies that exchange old electronics for cash. Set up a collection point and encourage friends and family to donate their old devices and exchange them all to receive money for your fundraiser. Electronic devices can include: cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and MP3 players.
  6. Earth Day Fundraiser: Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by hosting an Earth Day fundraiser for your environmental group. This event can include trash pickup, tree planting, or anything else that helps you celebrate the Earth while receiving donations for your environmental group.
  7. Tree Planting: Work with the members of your group to sell tree gift cards for your environmental club fundraiser. A tree gift card can be sold to help the Earth while you help your group. This company has a program in which each gift card purchase funds the planting of a native species tree, and your organization receives 25% profit for all gift cards purchased.

If you’re looking to raise money for an environmental group or cause but don’t know where to start, this article has a list of some of the best environmental organizations to donate to. If you’re ready to host your environmental club fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.