Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams

Use this post to help you plan your next dance team fundraiser.

dance team fundraising

For many dance teams, uniforms, competitions, and travel can add up quickly as a big cost. Fundraising is a great opportunity to help cut those costs without relying on dancers and their families to cover everything. With the right fundraising ideas, your dance team will be able to build teamwork and community while raising money for the year.

Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams

  1. Restaurant fundraiser: A restaurant fundraising night will bring people together and allows the community to participate in a fundraiser for your dance team. If you host a fundraiser with Chipotle, your team will receive 25% of the event sales during the time/location of your fundraiser, subject to achieving a minimum level of total event sales. With an added digital feature, supporters have the option to either order and eat in the restaurant or order online for pickup by using the provided unique fundraiser code. To host a fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.
  2. Auction or Raffle: Work with local businesses to collect donations to auction or raffle off at your event. Sell tickets ahead of time to members of your community and make it a fun event for all.
  3. Kids Clinic: This is a great event for young dancers in your community. Each participant will pay a sign-up fee and spend the day teaching dances and playing games. Have every participant learn the same dance to then perform to their parents at the end of the clinic. Kids will love learning from older dancers and will get them out of the house for the day! Check out this article for more tips on hosting your next dance clinic.
  4. Showcase: Show the community what your team has been working on with a showcase performance. This is a great dance team fundraiser for competition season and can be hosted as a sendoff to nationals. Family and friends will love watching your dance team perform and help raise money.
  5. Dance-A-Thon: Dance-a-thons are fun events that can raise a lot of money for your dance team! Each participant will pledge to dance for a certain number of hours in exchange for donations. This can be a full day event with music, food and entertainment. If each dancer on your team participates and raises money from their family and friends, it can lead to a very successful dance team fundraiser. Not to mention, it’s a great workout!
  6. Parents Night Out: This is a great dance team fundraising idea for teams of middle or high school aged dancers. Plan a weekend night where parents from your community can drop their kids off at your school or dance studio to be “babysat” by your team. Provide food and drinks for the kids and make sure there are plenty of games to play. This can be an event that lasts a few hours or, if you’re up for the challenge, can be a sleepover. Parents will love the night out knowing that their kids are having fun and their babysitting fee is helping your dance team.  There are important safety considerations if you elect to conduct this kind of event, so be sure to plan well in advance and become aware of all applicable registration requirements, age limits, and other precautions.
  7. Private Dance Lessons: A fundraising option that can be coordinated year-round! If your dance team has more advanced dancers, help them teach younger dancers new skills. By offering private lessons to dancers in your community, the funds for those lessons can go to your dance team. Make sure you have a studio or practice space that can be reserved at no cost for each lesson, and be sure to implement appropriate safety measures.
  8. Car Wash: This is a great summer fundraising idea for your team, as long as you plan carefully and keep safety in mind. Either set up a car wash on your own or partner with a local car wash business to receive a certain percentage of proceeds on that day. Advertise to friends, family, and the local community ahead of time and set up signs outside on the day of your event. Pro-tip: if you have a Chipotlane location near you, it’s a great way to host both fundraisers in one day.

For more creative ways that dance studios can fundraise, click here. If you’re ready to get started with your Chipotle fundraiser for your dance team, apply here.