Ravenwood High School Theater Fundraiser

The Ravenwood High School theater department was determined to raise money for their upcoming show, and turned to Chipotle to help them reach their goals.

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The Ravenwood High School Theater Department is a place where a wide range of students are able to build relationships, explore their creativity, and find a support system. Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 disrupted all school organizations and events, exponentially impacting the theater program.

“We were not able to perform our 2020 Spring Musical, which is the theater department’s biggest fundraiser,” Grace Kohler, student and Chipotle fundraiser host tells us.

After already paying for most of the show’s expenses prior to the show being canceled, they had no way to raise that money back or plan and pay for any future shows. With the help of a new theater teacher and director after coming back to school from COVID-19, the Ravenwood High School Thespian Society decided to not take no for an answer.

“Ms. Sumrall started as our new teacher when we returned to school, and she was persistent we find a way to fund a show. After some research, we found the Chipotle fundraiser program,” Kohler says.

When researching fundraising options for the Ravenwood Theater Department, Grace Kohler and her team decided that a restaurant fundraiser would make the most sense in bringing students and other supporters in while raising money for their theater program. Through their search of restaurants that offer fundraisers, they decided to host a fundraiser with Chipotle because it offered the most in return and provided flyers to help share their event with the community.

After their first fundraiser with Chipotle, the Ravenwood Theater Department raised enough money to cover the cost of costumes, set, and everything needed to help build the show. Six months later, the group of students hosted a second fundraiser, with an even larger outcome, helping them plan and purchase costumes for their upcoming show “Little Women” in November.

“Chipotle provided us with the opportunity to raise the money to bring our theater back to life. We are so thankful to Chipotle and are excited for future fundraisers with them!” Kohler says.

If your school’s theater or other program is looking for ways to raise money and you are interested in hosting a fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.