Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Chipotle team fundraisers have helped thousands of sports teams raise funds for jerseys, equipment, and travel costs – all while providing real food to fuel those athletes and their supporters.

fundraising ideas for sports teams

best team fundraisers

Benefits of Sports

Sports are known to have tons of benefits for kids of all ages – from helping kids keep a healthy weight to friendship building – but it comes as no surprise that the cost to participate can add up. In a study conducted by the Aspen Institute, the average amount of spending on sport per year was approximately $692 per child, per sport. Equipment and travel costs can seem daunting, but one way to overcome this as a team is through fundraising. Fundraising is a great way to bring parents, coaches, teammates, and fans together to benefit all those involved and raise money for the team.

Sports Fundraising Ideas

 When it comes to the best fundraising ideas for sports teams, there are endless options on how to raise money for the season. Funds2orgs has put together a list of 30+ good fundraising ideas for sports teams. One of the ideas on their list is to host a team fundraiser by partnering with a local restaurant for a percentage night. Percentage nights work great for team fundraisers because the set-up process is easy and a percentage of the sales during the event will go towards your team.

Chipotle Fundraisers

Chipotle team fundraisers have helped thousands of sports teams raise funds for jerseys, equipment, and travel costs – all while providing real food to fuel those athletes and their supporters. One of the best fundraising ideas that many teams have benefitted from is by setting your event up on a night that the whole team can come to the restaurant for a team dinner after practice. By scheduling your Chipotle fundraiser on a night that the team either has practice or a game, this will encourage all athletes, parents, coaches and supporters to carpool and either attend the fundraiser at the same time or order online for pickup. Not only will this event serve as a fundraiser to benefit the team financially, it is a great opportunity for team bonding.

There are endless fundraiser options for sports teams, but we believe that the best team fundraisers take place when food is involved. A study at Cornell University discovered that food is a key element of effective team building. Sharing meals together is an important part of socialization and can help athletes of all ages build friendships and teamwork. These findings are another reason why restaurant fundraisers are a great option for your team!

Fundraiser Tips

As you get ready to set up your fundraiser, here are a few things to keep in mind when hosting a fundraiser night for your sports team after practice:

  1. Set up your Chipotle fundraiser at the restaurant location closest to the team’s practice or game. By making sure that your event is close, this will make it easy for everyone to attend and travel to the fundraiser together.
  2. Schedule your fundraiser at a time that works best with the team’s practice schedule. Work with the team coach to guarantee the athletes will be out of practice on time and will have enough time to have a meal together at their Chipotle fundraiser or order online for pickup during that time frame. 
  3. Promote your event. Promotion is key! Once your fundraiser has been approved, be sure to use all of the resources provided to advertise your event. Remember, the more supporters your fundraiser has, the more your team will receive. Tip: Challenge each player to bring 5 or more supporters – the more, the merrier!
  4. Be mindful of our other guests. Our restaurants love to host team fundraisers and support their community, but please be aware of our other guests in the restaurant. Fundraiser partners are not allowed to promote their event on-site to our regular customers.
  5. Have fun. We think there’s nothing more enjoyable than a meal shared together. Whether it’s in the restaurant or taking the food to-go for a picnic on the soccer field, we want to make sure the experience is a fun and memorable one. If you have pictures from your fundraiser, we’d love to see them. You can email all photos to If we choose to use your photos for a story, we’ll send some free burritos your way!

If you’re ready to set up an easy team fundraiser with Chipotle, visit our website here to apply!