Prom Fundraiser Ideas

Read this post for some prom or post prom fundraising ideas.

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The springtime has many exciting things happening – from spring sports to graduation to prom, there are many fundraising opportunities to help finish the school year off strong. If your high school is gearing up for a prom or after prom event but needs some extra funding to make it the best night possible, hosting a fundraiser well in advance will help make your prom planning more exciting. Keep reading for some prom or post prom fundraising ideas.

Top 10 Prom Fundraiser Ideas

  1. Restaurant Fundraiser: Restaurant fundraisers are one of the best options for schools wanting to host an easy and successful fundraiser. Chipotle fundraisers give back 25% of event sales, subject to achieving a minimum of $150 in fundraiser sales, and are easy to set up and host. If your supporters want a fast and convenient way to participate, we offer a digital option where they are able to place their order online or in the app for pickup by using the unique fundraiser code. To host your prom fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.
  2. Sell School T-Shirts: If your school has a big rivalry game coming up or just to encourage school spirit, create a fun new design for a t-shirt and sell to students, parents, teachers and the community. Make this a limited-edition item that is only available for your prom fundraiser. If selling before a school sporting event, encourage everyone to wear it the night of the game and represent their school.
  3. Host an Online Art Auction: If your school has an art department with students who want to get involved in helping your fundraiser, encourage them to create a piece of art to then be auctioned off online with proceeds helping fund their school prom. Students will love seeing their work being purchased while knowing the funds are going towards their prom night.  
  4. Principal Challenge: Ask your school’s principal to get involved and put together a creative prom fundraising challenge. This is a great bonding activity for your principal and students while raising money for your school’s prom or post prom fundraiser. Here are some fun principal challenge fundraisers that your school could do to raise funds.
  5. Car Wash: This is easy to execute and can lead to a great turnout! Either set up a car wash on your own or partner with a local car wash business to receive a certain percentage of proceeds for that day. Advertise to family, friends, and the local community to get their car washed in support of your prom fundraiser. Pro-tip, if you have a Chipotlane location near you, it’s a great way to combine both fundraisers in one day and raise even more money!  If you’re planning this kind of fundraiser you’ll need to choose a safe location and ensure you have the necessary permissions to use the location. 
  6. Concession Stand: If your school has a big event coming up, set up a concession stand and sell an assortment of food and drink with proceeds going to prom.  Be sure to make arrangements for complying with any applicable food safety requirements.
  7. Change War: Turn your prom fundraiser into a competition and challenge each homeroom to bring in the most change. This is a fun way to raise money for an event that everyone will enjoy while adding a competitive twist. The homeroom that raises the most money can be rewarded with a pizza party or other VIP treatment.
  8. Fashion Show: Encourage upper class students to get involved in your prom fundraiser by walking in a fashion show. This can feature anything from fun dress up clothing to prom-inspired attire. Students can get as dressed up as they wish and other students, parents and the community can purchase tickets to watch them strut down the runway. Reach out to clothing stores in your neighborhood to see if they’ll donate items of clothing to your fundraiser.
  9. School Concert: Ask the school band, school choir, or a band put together by students to host a concert with proceeds going to your prom fundraiser.

Hosting a fundraiser with Chipotle is a great option for any school event, no matter the season. For more fundraising ideas and fundraising information, take a look at our resources page.