Fundraising Ideas for High School Football Teams

This post will help you find the best sports fundraising ideas for your high school football team.

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When you’re looking for fundraising ideas for your high school football team, there are many options when hosting your next sports fundraiser. Many sports like football are seasonal, but fundraising is something that can be done year-round to benefit your team and raise money for jerseys, equipment, or any travel expenses for the year ahead. Continue reading for the best sports fundraising ideas for your high school team.

High School Football Fundraising Ideas

  1. Restaurant fundraiser: A restaurant fundraising night will bring people together and allows the community to participate in a fundraiser for your high school sports team. If you host a fundraiser with Chipotle, your organization will receive 25% of the event sales during the time/location of your fundraiser, subject to achieving a minimum level of total event sales. With an added digital feature, supporters have the option to either order and eat in the restaurant or order online for pickup by using the unique fundraiser code provided. To host a fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.
  1. Host a tournament: Tournaments are a great way to keep the athletes engaged in the fundraiser. Rent out a football field for the weekend and invite local teams of all ages to participate and compete against each other. Every team’s entry fee can be put towards your football team’s fundraiser.
  1. Custom team calendar: Custom calendars can be a fun way to raise money for your high school sports team. Use different individual and team pictures for each month, and get creative as you want. Start planning in the summer months in order to have them made and ready to be promoted by the time the new season approaches. Parents, students and fans will love purchasing these to support the team!
  1. Auction: Plan a night out for parents to dress up and auction off fun prizes for them and their family. Work with local businesses ahead of time to collect items for the auction, and make it a big event with food and entertainment. Everybody needs an excuse to dress up and hire a babysitter every now and then!
  1. Custom t-shirts: Create a custom t-shirt to raise money for your high school football team. Consider using a t-shirt fundraising platform, like Bonfire, to design and sell your custom shirt or hoodie to students and fans. For even more fun, sell the apparel ahead of a big game and have everyone wear it that night to represent your school’s team.
  1. Host a kid’s camp: Host a summer football camp for kids to be coached by the athletes on your team as a fundraiser. This requires planning in advance but is a great way to build community. Parents will love the opportunity to sign their children up for a day camp and kids will enjoy learning from older players.
  1. Car wash: In the summer months, car washes are great ways to raise money with little cost to plan and execute. Either set up a car wash on your own or partner with a local car wash business to receive a certain percentage of proceeds for that day, and advertise to family, friends, and the local community. If hosting your own car wash, having the athletes wash the cars is a great team bonding activity! Pro-tip: if you have a Chipotlane location near you, it’s a great way to host both fundraisers in one day.
  1. Auction off the best seat in the house: If your football team has a home stadium, reserve the best seats and auction them off as a fundraiser. Parents and fans will love the opportunity to have reserved seats every game with the best view. If possible, consider including concession items (or delivery from your favorite burrito place) in this package as well for a great overall experience.
  1. Sponsorships: Connect with local businesses to find companies who will sponsor your football team for the year for a logo placement on a jersey or banner. Multiple sponsorships can lead to a successful fundraiser for your high school football team.

We hope that this list gave you some ideas for your next high school football fundraiser. For even more fundraising ideas for your team, check out this article. If you’re ready to host your sports fundraiser with Chipotle, click here to apply.