The Best Fundraising Ideas for Baseball Teams

Below are some of the best fundraising ideas for baseball teams to help support your program for the upcoming season.

baseball team fundraising

If your baseball team is in need of team uniforms, new equipment, tournament entry fees or help with travel expenses, a baseball fundraiser is a great way to help supplement those costs. Below are some of the best fundraising ideas for baseball teams to help support your program for the upcoming season.

  1. Restaurant Fundraiser: A restaurant fundraising night will bring people together and allows the community to participate in a fundraiser for your baseball team. If you host a fundraiser with Chipotle, your organization will receive 25% of the event sales during the time/location of your fundraiser, subject to achieving a minimum level of total event sales. With an added digital feature, supporters have the option to either order and eat in the restaurant or order online for pickup by using the unique fundraiser code provided. To host a fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.
  2. Hit-A-Thon: Have players ask friends, family and neighbors to donate or make a pledge. Each pledge can be calculated per hit completed or by the distance of the hit. This is a fun way to involve the players in your fundraiser and even helps them practice their batting skills.
  3. Sports Camp: Host a camp for kids to be coached by the players on your team. This requires planning in advance but is a great way to build community and raise funds. Parents will love the opportunity to sign their children up for a day camp and kids will enjoy learning from older players.
  4. Car Wash: Car washes are great ways to raise money for your baseball team fundraiser with little cost to plan and execute the event. Either set up a car wash on your own or partner with a local car wash business to receive a certain percentage of proceeds for that day and advertise to family, friends, and the local community. If hosting your own car wash, having the players wash the cars is a great team bonding activity! Pro-tip: if you have a Chipotlane location near you, it’s a great way to host both fundraisers in one day.
  5. Sponsorships: Connect with local businesses to find companies who will sponsor your team for the year for a logo placement on a jersey or banner. Multiple sponsorships can lead to a successful fundraiser for your sports team
  6. Fundraising Cards: Create scratch-off cards for your team to share with friends, family and neighbors. Each card can contain 50 concealed dots, and those wanting to participate can scratch off one or more of the dots on that player’s card. When dots are scratched off, they reveal a pre-determined amount that the participant must donate. Donation amounts can range anywhere from $1-$20. Use this company to customize cards for your baseball team and a complete card will raise $100 in donations. 
  7. Team Merchandise: Create a custom t-shirt or other items of apparel to raise money for your baseball team. Consider using a t-shirt fundraising platform to design and sell your custom shirt or hoodie to fans. For even more fun, sell the apparel ahead of a big game and have everyone wear it that night to represent your team.
  8. Crowdfund: Use an online crowdfunding platform to set your baseball team fundraising goals and share with friends and family to support your team. Social media sharing can bring in donations from everywhere.
  9. 5K Walk or Fun Run: Encourage the community to get active by participating in a 5K fundraiser for your baseball team. Participants pay an entry fee and have the choice to either walk or run the designated path. Make it more fun by setting up music along the path for participants and supporters to enjoy the event.
  10. Calendar Sales: Hire a photographer to take team pictures and design a baseball team calendar for the beginning of the year. Customize it with important dates of games or tournaments and sell them to parents and other supporters of the baseball team.
  11. Grocery Delivery: Partner with local grocery stores to offer a paid grocery delivery service to community members. If your baseball team is of driving age, ask members of the team to split deliveries amongst each other. Otherwise, ask parents, coaches and other supporters to volunteer their time to deliver groceries. Be sure to check on any insurance requirements for this kind of driving event.
  12. Car Decals: Allow parents and fans to show their support for your baseball team with car decals. Customize decals with your team’s mascot or logo and sell them to those that want to support your team. 

Looking for more fundraising ideas for your program? We offer a wide range of fundraising ideas with tips and tricks for fundraising success. To learn more, check out our Resources page here.