Field Trip Fundraising Ideas

If you’re getting ready to plan your next class trip, use these fundraising ideas to help fund your experience. 

field trip fundraiser

There are many benefits to attending field trips as a student including real world learning, access to new tools and environments, and academic lessons. When planning a field trip for your school or students, cost is something that you need to take into account. In order to continue planning fun and educational class trips, fundraising is a great option to help all students participate in the event. If you’re getting ready to plan your next class trip, use these fundraising ideas to help fund your experience. 

13 Field Trip Fundraising Ideas

  1. Restaurant Fundraiser: Restaurant fundraisers are one of the best options for schools and students wanting to host an easy and successful fundraiser for their upcoming field trip. We have great kids meal options with real ingredients as well as other meals that the whole family can enjoy! Chipotle fundraisers give back 25% of event sales, subject to achieving a minimum of $150 in fundraiser sales, and are easy to set up and host. If your supporters are always on the go, we offer a digital option where they are able to place their order online or in the app for pickup by using the unique fundraiser code. To host your next fundraiser with Chipotle, apply here.
  2. Bake Sale: This can be a school-wide event or more specific to classrooms raising money for their field trip. Students and parents can bring in treats to the school and all proceeds will go towards your class trip.  Remember to keep food safety and allergies top of mind.
  3. Write Letters: A simple field trip fundraising idea is sending letters to family and friends to help raise funds for your school trip. Be sure to tell them what the trip will teach the students and how it will be beneficial to their learning. When people receive personal letters asking for support, they are more willing to invest their time and money.   
  4. Used Book Sale: Chances are, many people in your community and within your school have used books in their homes that haven’t been opened in months. Collect used books and sell them at inexpensive prices, with proceeds going to your field trip.
  5. Raffle: Collect items from local businesses to raffle off to both students and parents. Make sure you have prizes that all ages will love and use the money that’s raised towards your class trip.  Don’t forget to comply with any laws in your state regarding conduct of a sweepstakes promotion.
  6. Crafts Day:  This is a great option for an elementary school audience. Host a crafts day where students can do arts and crafts with an opportunity for the public to purchase those items. Try contacting local art supply stores to get supplies donated or for a discounted price. If you have high school students, try hosting an art show where the public can purchase the works of art “on consignment” from a local shop or restaurant.
  7. Read-a-Thon: An idea that both teachers and parents will love. Students that want to participate and raise money for their field trip can commit to reading as many books or pages as they can and will log the hours. Students gain pledges and will read on behalf of those who have donated to their fundraising efforts. For more information on setting up a read-a-thon fundraiser, click here.
  8. Field Day: This is a great option when the weather is nice. Use the school’s field to set up fun games like bean bag races, egg tosses, and water balloon fights. Either host this on a weekend to bring in more family participation, or host after school for students. Teachers or parents can volunteer to help set up and referee the games, and students get to play while raising money for their school trip.
  9. Jersey Day: This is a fun idea for private schools or students required to wear a uniform or follow a dress code. Select a day where students can bring in money in order to wear their favorite team or athlete’s jersey to school. Students will love switching up their wardrobe and it’s an easy way to raise money within the school.
  10. Movie Night: Host a movie night or day at your school and charge an entry fee. If your administration is on board, you can even put this on during lunch time and students can pay to take a long lunch and watch the movie, with teacher’s permission.
  11. Principal Challenge: Get your school’s principal involved and put together a creative fundraising challenge. This is a great bonding activity for your principal and students while raising money for your school’s field trip. Here are some fun principal challenge fundraisers that your school could do to raise funds. 
  12. Car Wash: This is easy to execute and can lead to a great turnout! Either set up a car wash on your own or partner with a local car wash business to receive a certain percentage of proceeds for that day. Advertise to family, friends, and the local community to get their car washed in support of your organization. Pro-tip, if you have a Chipotlane location near you, it’s a great way to combine both fundraisers in one day and raise even more money!
  13. Crowdfunding: A way to avoid event planning and cost is to use crowdfunding for your fundraiser. Use an online crowdfunding platform to set your field trip fundraising goals and share with friends and family to support your trip. Social media sharing can bring in donations from everywhere.

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